Humanizing organisations

When we have the courage to show up as our full human selves, we will thrive. Not only will this give us a sense of meaning and connectedness, it will enhance our results as well. Still, we often feel the need to armour ourselves, to protect ourselves against feelings of discomfort. Unfortunately, a lot of talent will be lost because of this. 

This can be changed. This múst be changed. It is a call for a quest for humanness. In our personal lives, in our organizations and in our world.  

Organisational Development

If you want to develop your people and your results, if you are motivated to enhance humanness in your team or organization, and want to grow the courage to have real conversations even about uncomfortable topics, this is how you can work with me:

  • Executive leadership coaching
  • Executive teamcoaching
  • Keynote/workshop (online or in-person)

Dare to Lead™ Facilitator

Based on the groundbreaking research of Brené Brown, the four pillars of daring leadership can be taughted, learned and observed. Do you want to develop your leaderskip skills? This is how you can:

  • Keynote or workshop for your team (90 min – 3 hrs)
  • Dare to Lead™ team training in-company 
  • Dare to Lead™ 1-on-1 leadership program

About Marjon Bohré

Marjon is a seasoned executive (team)coach with over 25 years of experience as (interim) manager, trainer, coach and consultant. Her experience includes profit organizations as well as public health and governmental organizations. She holds a master in Management Science, is a registered Organizational Psychologist and mindfulnesstrainer. 

Marjon founded her private practice in 2008 and works with leaders and their teams on humanizing organizations. She is the author of two (dutch) books on these topics and is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator. Marjon is a registererd facilitator with the work of Prof. Dr. Brené Brown. Alongside her work Marjon is a PhD-candidate, researching the role of leadership in humanness in organization.

Marjon lives in Rijswijk with her husband and their two daughters.

Marjon Bohré works with

(employees from) different organizations in profit and not-for-profit sectors, like

Research and interesting topics

Leadership and humanness

What is humanness in organizations? And how can leadership behaviour contribute to it?  There is still little knowledge on what humanness exactly is and how it is measured. And although we know that abusive leadership has tremendous negative effects, we do not really know what the positive leadership behaviours are that contribute to humanness. These are the aims for the PhD research that I am conducting in collaboration with Leiden University. Want to know more? Contact me for a webinar or (online) workshop.

Organizational development

Organizational development always requires the development of the people in organizations. And the best tool for development within teams and between people is still a conversation. To talk openly and honestly about what bothers us, what we need to adress and how to put that into practice, is a skill that we need to develop. There is no need for a false dichotomy of focus on results or on people. With a true and honest focus on the human beings that our people are, the results that we deliver will improve. Contact me if you want to know more.

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"Daring leaders work to make sure people can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging."
– Brené Brown

Marjon Bohre - senior executive coach The Netherlands - Brene Brown facilitator dare to lead - organisation development


Want to know how we can work together? I would love to hear from you!
+31 6 55 367 362
Haagweg 102
2282 AE Rijswijk
The Netherlands

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